Card sizes


As an artist it is always nice to see your work in print on fine art papers. Increasing numbers of artists are begining to see the benefits of printing greetings cards.

Greetings cards can be a great way to get your name known as an artist to a wider audience. We like to think of greetings cards as a self promoting advert for each of our artists. Many artists will also have a selection of other images on the back of the card to showcase their abilities. This could be a different style of work or a display of some of your best sellers.

Greetings cards also tend to be a steady seller and are great items to have to hand, to show the different work that you create.

We offer a range of different sizes as displayed below, with or without envelopes and cellophane bags depending on your requirement.

A6 cards:
A popular card for artists starting off with grettings cards or creating card packs. These are one of the more cost effective sizes and are always well received and exhibitions.

A6 cards


A5 card


A5 cards:
Always a popular card size for artists that produce larger artworks as it provides a nice area for showing some of the finer details. Whilst also providing a nice amount of space on the back for any additional details that may not fit on the smaller A6 or Square cards.

Square cards:

These square cards have proven a highly popular format for many artists that are producing square images or would like to take a square segment from a rectangular image. The 13cm x 13cm square is often favoured for its lower postage cost when compared to the A5 and DL cards.


Square cards


DL cards


DL cards:

These cards are often popular for photographers that enjoy landscape photography or artists that enjoy the long thing art style. For some this size card provides an option for taking a segment of their artwork and turning a single piece into a couple of different images, this is seen more with the modern or impressionism.